Today millions of people in India suffer from many diseases. This cause mainly because of use of pesticides and harmful elements used for baking it in fruits and vegetables. Such elements can not be cleaned easily. It causes the stomach illness and many other diseases. Such toxins are cleaned so as to create a disease-free country. To clean vegetables and fruits by modern technique of Mr.N Greens, it is the task of making hygienic vegetable and fruits. This process does not use any toxic chemicals to cleaning of vegetable and fruits.

Main purpose of this is to give society chemical free and healthy fruits and vegetable, in doing so we used (Vegetables Washing & Sterilization Machine) Morden Israel Wash technice to wash the vegetable and fruits.

In that process product are pass through washing process done by machine. In this process of farming by natural ways are free from toxic chemicals and bacteria. People take health to be good and make a disease-free country. The product is flow packed, so it can be stored for long time. It is available for people at the same price as it is available in retail market of each class and maintains health of their family.

Organic farming is a type of system in which agricultural products are grown by hygienic fertilizers and without use of any pesticides.

In organic farming “Armuta clay” method is used. In this method, natural material is used to make fertilizers. Like cow pit, cow urine, dung fruits, vegetables this all kept in dig for 6 to 10 month period. The Armuta clay method of farm products grown in soil is very useful and beneficial to health of land .It is also the added longevity.